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September 2014

Primary fire extinguishers for the home and office

  • Date: 11.09.2014
    Author: Andres Treimann

The weather will soon turn autumn cold and bring with it the heating period, which creates a fire hazard in many homes. We are introducing to you primary fire extinguishers that you would benefit from having at home and in the office, the timely use of which will easily help to contain the spreading of fire.

At home, the main fire hazards are open fireplaces and ovens, but even simple cooking can prove to be dangerous. An item accidentally dropped on an ignited gas stove or fat on the pan can also catch fire. In the office, large wire bundles and smoking corners can often be worrisome. None of us are completely protected against fire.

The most convenient means to prevent the building from catching fire are a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. Having both of these ensures the best protection, but not all fire hazardous situations require using both at the same time.

Fire blanket

Use a file blanket, if the item that has caught on fire is

  • home appliance (to extinguish an electrical equipment, it has to be first disconnected from the socket)
  • fat on the pan or in the pot
  • clothes worn by people

The idea behind using the fire blanket is to suffocate the flame. Approach the fire, holding the blanket in front of you with outstretched arms. Cover the item on fire with the blanket so that oxygen does not have access to the fire. Leave the blanket on the item until you are sure that the fire is fully out. Otherwise, the flames can burst again. The pan or pot should be taken off the hot stove to cool to reduce the danger of it catching fire once more.

In extreme situations, the fire blanket can be used as a protection if there is no other protective equipment at hand.

Fire extinguisher

If the item that has caught fire is larger and cannot be covered with a fire blanket or there is a full fire, immediately grab the fire extinguisher. Begin extinguishing the fire at the edges, aiming the extinguishing agent towards the lower part of the flame. Continue with sweeping motions until the fire is covered with the extinguishing agent, avoiding scattering the combustible material with the stream of extinguishing agent.

There are many fire extinguishers on the market that are grouped according to classes and extinguishing agent. The surrounding environment and materials in it have to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable fire extinguisher. One of the most common and universal fire extinguishers for both home and small offices is the ABC-class powder extinguisher that is suitable for extinguishing solid substances, combustible liquids and gases.

Contact us if you require our help to choose a fire extinguisher suitable for your home or office. We sell different quantities and different classes of powder, foam and CO2 fire extinguishers. The G4S product range also includes a 120x120 cm fire blanket.

Andres Treimann

Manager of Project Sales Department